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Important information and instructions for completion of Security Clearance Fingerprint Third Party Consent to Release Personal Information Note: As part of the Application to become a Licence Holder under the Cannabis Act and its regulations and in the case of changes of personnel a Security Clearance Application including the security clearance applicant’s fingerprints must be submitted for all individuals that require a security clearance. All security clearance applicants must complete a Security Clearance Fingerprint Third Party Consent to Release Personal Information form in accordance with the instructions below.

  1. This form is to be brought with the applicant to the local Police Station or RCMP private accredited finger print agency where their fingerprints will be taken
  2. This form must be completed in front of the person taking the fingerprints.
  3. It is very important that a single digit ink print be placed in the box on the form and the finger used identified by circling the appropriate one next to the box. Failure to do so will result in delays.
  4. This form must be signed and dated by the applicant.
  5. This form must be submitted to the RCMP at the same time as fingerprints taken on *Form C-216C at your local Police Station, RCMP or private accredited fingerprinting agency, accredited by the RCMP, whether electronically or by mail (in case of roll and ink prints). *Form C-216C is the standard RCMP form used for fingerprinting.

This form is not available online You must have your fingerprints taken on Form C-216C at your local police station or private fingerprinting agency accredited by the RCMP. Please see this link for a list of accredited private fingerprinting agencies

• Depending on the police jurisdiction a fee may be required.

CRA Duty Submissions

If you are a licenced cultivator producer or packager of cannabis or cannabis products complete this form for each of your reporting period calendar months. You must send the completed form to the Canada Revenue Agency no later than the last day of the month that follows the reporting period month. Even if you have nothing to report for a fiscal month you have to send the completed form by the deadline. You have to enter the details of your unpackaged inventory and if applicable your packaged inventory and your total sales and duties payable by province and territory. For the instructions on how to complete this return go to

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