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What does it cost to apply for a Licence

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Fees can vary slightly depending on how many people in your organization require a security clearance, as well as what your local municipality charges for application fees for building permits etc.

Generally you can expect the following costs (please note there may be others):

$25-50 for finger printing at the local RCMP for each person requiring a security clearance
$2000 +/- for a survey certificate (this varies depending on who your surveying company is and the size of your property)
$750+/- building permit
$100+/- business license (usually an annual bill issued by your municipality)
Compliance software if you choose to go digital (usually there is a one time setup fee $1500 + and then a monthly maintenance fee $750+) Health Canada does allow for manual compliance record keeping. (If you would like to use manual record keeping you can send us your documents for integration in the application).

Costs are calculated on a per application basis, as follows:Micro
(Cultivation, Processing, Nursery)
(Cultivation, Processing, Sale for medical purposes)
Application Fee to HC for the Licence$1368$3277
Min annual regulatory fee (due within 60 days of licensing) (see section 6.1 in this link for calculations)$2500$23000
Security Clearance Application – Per Person
(Master Grower, Senior Person in Charge, Head of Security, QAP – Processing Only, Alternates for the aforementioned positions, and anyone who holds controlling interest or position in a company)
CRA Bond see calculations below


 i.      [(estimated number of grams of dried cannabis that will be sold over the first 12 months × $1.00 per gram) + (estimated number of milligrams contained in the total THC of the edible cannabis, cannabis extracts including cannabis oil, and cannabis topicals that will be sold over the first 12 months × $0.01)] ÷ 12

There may be other costs associated such as build-out, electrical, or rezoning applications etc. The above list is meant to serve as a general overview of what you would expect to pay to Health Canada and other agencies other than Joint Venture during the application process but is in no way a comprehensive list of costs involved in getting your business off the ground.

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