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*Please note that you will be required to pay for all other fees and costs associated with the licence application process. Joint Venture Craft Cannabis will waive the consulting fee for 10 applicants that meet our requirements. Submitting your information does not guarantee that you will receive a free consulting package. In the event that there are more than 10 qualifying applicants the applications will be reviewed by our internal review panel and chosen at our discretion. There are no no guarantees implied or otherwise that a licence will be granted. Health Canada is the sole authority to grant a cultivation licence under the Cannabis Act.


Our goal is to assist black market growers transition to the federally licensed cannabis business model in order to provide long term economic benefit. Joint Venture Craft Cannabis strongly believes that the cultivators who built British Columbia’s cannabis reputation should also be the ones to enjoy legitimate business success under the Cannabis Act; we endeavour to do our part to make this happen.

Unfortunately though, growers looking to take a leap of faith embracing the legal system seem to encounter many barriers to entry. We would like to bridge the gap between the growers with the decades of experience looking to join the legal market and our government, whose intention it is to allow black market growers to join the licensed system. We are so passionate about the idea of black market transition, we wanted to demonstrate our confidence in Craft by helping 10 Growers in their application process with no consulting fees charged!

As a proof of concept we are looking for 10 experienced cultivators who would like assistance to transition their business into the legal market under the Cannabis Act. We are offering both licensing options for FREE* – Micro Cultivation or Standard Cultivation depending on the proposed size of the facility.

Joint Venture will choose suitable applicants based on strict requirements for this pilot project, and provide our consulting service *FREE of charge to the selected applicants in exchange for a commitment to become part of our supply chain. Please email us for further details.

We will work with growers to answer questions, help design a facility, build the application, create a Site Evidence Package, submit the application, and work with Health Canada throughout the process providing information or clarification when required.

Spots are limited – if you are interested in submitting an application please fill in the short 4 part survey on the left.

*Joint Venture Craft Cannabis will waive all consulting fees. The applicant will still be responsible for all other costs associated with the licence application and the buildout required to complete the process.

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