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Joint Venture Craft Cannabis
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Our Products

We’re constantly adding new Health Canada Licensed cannabis to our product database. Currently, our legal Joint Venture Craft Cannabis and BC Black Cannabis is available in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario. Check back here on our product page often, as new and exciting strains become available.  If you’re not finding what you’re looking for, please contact us via email.

Nuken Sour Diesel

Crafted in Creston, BC by Kootenay Aeroponic
Nuken Sour Diesel is a sativa dominant aeroponically grown strain. Our large sweet smelling big purple colas are hand manicured in an extremely clean environment and never sprayed or irradiated. Enjoy the fruity flavour and energized high this bud offers.
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Pakalolo Punch

Crafted in Enderby, BC by Living Cannabis
Pakalolo Punch is a hashplant genetic, grown in small batches, tended with care, hang dried, hand trimmed, and cured correctly. This extra attention results in both a potent and aromatic (2%+ terps) experience for the consumer.
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Triangle Kush

Crafted in Langley, BC by Black Kettle Farms
Triangle Kush is a legacy strain from the tri-cities in Florida. You can expect a heavy, full flavoured, old school smoke with a classic Kush experience.
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Rainbow Driver

Crafted in Langley, BC by Black Kettle Farms
Rainbow Driver boasts of loud citrus intermingled with floral lavender notes and aromatic woodsy flavours. When lit, the impressive white ash stack shows a proper flush and cure to bring cannabis consumers the best possible experience.
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The Ultimate

Crafted in Beaverdell, BC by Smoker Farms
The Ultimate is a dense, crystal coated, colourful indica-dominant hybrid. The bouquet indicates a terpene content of over 3%! THC is approximately 20% so those who partake in The Ultimate enjoy a blissful entourage effect.
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K-Town Kish

Crafted in Kelowna, BC by Okanna Craft
K-Town Kish is a cross between Kish and Godsbud. This strain was hand-crafted from a legacy grower and used as one of Okanna Craft's pioneer plants on which they based their Micro Cultivation facility.
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Other Brands

Here are some of the current brands who Co-Pack with us. Click on their logo to learn about some of their products.  If you’re interested in our co-packing services, click here to learn more.

Pistol And Paris

The Pistol and Paris brand is all about high-end gassy gooey cannabis from specialized small gardens versus commercial size grows. With legacy roots, we hunt for the right product from growers that have 10 years or more (pre-legalization) experience with the plant.

Bud Coast

Bud Coast has over 100 years of cannabis experience, and we acknowledge that this industry has existed for years in the BC underground market. We aren’t trying to reinvent the wheel, we still call cannabis “weed” and genetics “strains”. There’s no posturing here, just good vibes, great weed, and our team sharing phenomenal BC bud with the world.


BC Black

The BC Black brand draws only premium product from small batch craft cultivators with decades of experience and skills, honed to perfection during the legacy era of Canadian cannabis.  

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