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Joint Venture Craft Cannabis

Direct Delivery

BC Retailers Rejoice:  Our Direct Delivery program is in full swing. Get the freshest supply of DEALR, BC OZ, BC Smalls, and BC Doobies, along with your favourite cultivator brands and products shipped directly to your storefront. If you haven’t signed up, Simply hit the ‘Register Today’ button, below. If you’ve already registered, great! Head over to our ‘Products’ page to take a look at Direct Delivery products available now.  Because of our unwavering commitment to ensure that all products ship for free, minimum order quantities are in effect. Please contact a Sales Rep or email [email protected] for more info. 

Licensed cannabis processing and co-packing facility

Our mission is to transition legacy market cultivators into the legal rec market. At Joint Venture Craft Cannabis, we are proud of British Columbia’s renowned reputation for excellent cannabis. JVCC assists growers into the legal cannabis industry under the Cannabis Act. We apply for SKUs on your behalf, package your product in our co-packing facility, and distribute it to Alberta, BC, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario. Joint Venture is working to ensure that Canada’s cannabis industry is inherited by the growers that started it, by supporting and promoting the same producers who risked their freedom to build the robust cannabis market we service today.
It is our mission to help our clients complete the paperwork required by Health Canada to obtain their license to grow cannabis legally.

Your Success is our Success

Brands who co-pack with us become part of our legacy. We’re determined to make their products as successful as they can be because it benefits everyone involved. 

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Support Craft. Not Corporate.

Joint Venture Craft Cannabis believes that cannabis is best left in the hands of legacy growers, who tend to small batches and produce superior products.

Your success is our success. When it comes to our clients we are not happy until you are. We will do everything in our power to ensure your success.

Get Branded

Independent cultivators rely on our years of experience in the cannabis industry. From marketing to distribution, we’re here for you.  We even have our own ‘house’ brand.

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