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Health Canada Licensed Processor

Our Mission is to Transition.

At Joint Venture Craft Cannabis, we are proud of British Columbia’s renowned reputation for excellent cannabis. Our mission is to assist Black Market Growers transition into the legal cannabis industry under the Cannabis Act. Joint Venture will help ensure that Canada’s cannabis industry is inherited by those that started it, by supporting and promoting Craft Growers.


Joint Venture Craft Cannabis is a small startup with ambitious goals!

Our business model is simple. Help growers transition into the legal market and then bring their product to market once they are licensed.
We don’t grow, therefore we are not in competition with our clientele. We exist solely to package and distribute the product of our cultivators.

At the nucleus of Joint Venture Craft Cannabis is a partnership with decades of experience in every aspect of the cannabis industry. 
Our core team offers a well rounded knowledge of Health Canada Regulations, general challenges growers transitioning from black to legal market, marketing, production and compliance.

Currently, Joint Venture is licensed by Health Canada as a Micro Processor. We have pending amendments for Sale of Dried Cannabis as well as an amendment to Standard level. The submission for oils and edibles will be submitted as soon as the dried cannabis amendment has been approved.

We hope to be able to work with many of you operating small facilities as you grow your business over time. Please contact us if we can help in any way.

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