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Cultivators rejoice! Here’s everything you need in one convenient spot. We’ll do our best to keep this are of the website as up to date as possible so that you have access to the latest information on our processes and procedures as well as having continual access to all the forms you need to submit your next batch.  


Please read and sign a Processing Agreement.  We will ask you to upload a copy of your signed Processing agreement with each batch submission.

Including Certificate of Compliance/GPP Attestation, and Chain of Custody documentation. Click ‘File -> Download’ to save a copy on your local machine. 

This e-Form allows you to upload Labs, HC Licenses and all other forms so that we have everything we need to start on your batch. 

JVCC SOP and Testing Processes

When your ready to send your product for testing, follow these recommendations:

Select your representative sample, which should be at random and selected from the production batch. All samples should be taken at the same time. Separate them into three bags and label them as follows:

Bag one: Moisture, THC & CBD 

This sample will be sent to your lab of choosing, as outlined below. Check with that specific lab for details on how large your sample should be.

Bag Two: Terpenes 

This sample will be sent to your lab of choosing, as outlined below. Check with that specific lab for details on how large your sample should be.

Bag Three: MB Labs

This sample will be sent to MB Labs. They will require a 25g sample to run tests 1-2, and 4-6. Please check below for details.

Step One: Moisture and Cannabinoid Testing

Send the first sample to your choice of Health Canada licensed lab.

  • Moisture must fall between 7-13%
  • Submit for THC%
  • Submit for CBD%

Once we have reviewed your results, proceed to step two, below

Step Two: Terpenes

After you’ve heard back from us regarding your Moisture and Cannabinoid Testing from Step One, take the second sample and send it off for Terpene testing as soon as possible.  Terpenes degrade over time, so results are often more favourable if this is done promptly. You may send your sample for terpene testing to a Health Canada licensed lab of your choice. 

Although you are free to choose, JVCC recommends Phytochemia for their large library of terpenes. 

Step Three: MB Labs

Your third sample should contain 25g of product and is destined for MB Labs. Here you will submit it for tests 1-2, 4-6. These tests are as follows:

  1. Health Canada Screen
  2. Metals
  3.  NOT APPLICABLE. Do not submit for this test as you have already done so through your lab of choice, above. 
  4. Aflatoxins
  5. Pesticides
  6. Foreign Materials

When you're done, upload all your results using the 'Submit a Batch To JVCC' link, above.

Please ensure you and your team wear appropriate PPE when dealing with your product at all times. We’d like to emphasize the requirement for hair nets and smocks in your grow rooms. All JVCC growers are required to use Health Canada approved protective equipment at all times around open product. 

Trucking and Shipping your Cannabis

Markora Transportation Services

Mark Harvey specializes in the transportation of cannabis in and around the Okanagan Valley. He’s licensed as a Responsible Person In Charge and holds a Class 1 license with a clean driver’s abstract. Please view his rate card by clicking on the button below, and get in touch with him directly should you require his services.

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