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What Does It Cost To Apply For A Licence

Fees can vary slightly depending on how many people in your organization require a security clearance, as well as what your local municipality charges for application fees and for building permits etc. 

Generally you can expect the following costs*:

  • $25-50 for finger printing at the local RCMP for each person requiring a security clearance
  • $2000 +/- for a survey certificate (this varies depending on who your surveying company is and the size of your property)
  • $750+/- building permit
  • $100+/- business license (usually an annual bill issued by your municipality)
  • Compliance software if you choose to go digital (usually there is a one time setup fee $1500 + and then a monthly maintenance fee $750+). Health Canada does allow for manual compliance record keeping. (If you would like to use manual record keeping you can send us your documents for integration in the application).
*Please note, there may be other costs associated. The information contained here is meant as a guide only, and may change over time in accordance to provincial and municipal fees.

Costs are calculated on a 'per-application' basis, as follows:

Micro (Cultivation, Processing, Nursery) Standard (Cultivation, Processing, Sale for medical purposes)
Application Fee to Health Canada (HC) for the Licence $1,368 $3,277
Minimum annual regulatory fee (Due within 60 days of licensing) $2,500 $23,000
Security Clearance Application - Per Person. (Master Grower, Senior Person in Charge, Head of Security, QAP - Processing Only, Alternates for the aforementioned positions, and anyone who holds controlling interest or position in a company) $1,654 $1,654
CRA Bond (see calculations, below)

CRA Bond Calculation

i.      [(estimated number of grams of dried cannabis that will be sold over the first 12 months × $1.00 per gram) + (estimated number of milligrams contained in the total THC of the edible cannabis, cannabis extracts including cannabis oil, and cannabis topicals that will be sold over the first 12 months × $0.01)] ÷ 12

There may be other costs associated such as build-out, electrical, or rezoning applications etc. The above list is meant to serve as a general overview of what you would expect to pay to Health Canada and other agencies other than Joint Venture during the application process but is in no way a comprehensive list of costs involved in getting your business off the ground.

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