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Potency: what’s in a label?

With so many pieces of regulatory information that shows up on cannabis products, it’s difficult to understand exactly what it is that you’re buying. 

Our product labels break down the cannabinoid content in two ways:

  • THC and CBD
  • THC Total and CBD Total  

So what’s the difference?
In the first case, THC and CBD let the buyer know what the product contains AS IS. That’s without any sort of combustion or activation required from the purchaser.  

In the second case, THC Total and CBD Total informs the customer about the total number of active cannabinoids when the cannabis is prepped for consumption. This is sometimes referred to as Active THC or Active CBD.  

While dried cannabis product, such as Pre-rolls or Flower will have two different numbers for THC and THC Total  (and also for CBD and CBD Total), cannabis products such as oils or capsules will have the same number for both.  Where dried cannabis products activate at the time of consumption, by heat via the process of decarboxylation (ie, you smoke it), other products like oils (and the cannabinoids within them) have already been activated, so the THC Total and THC will have the same measured content. 

Bottom Line? “Total” cannabinoid numbers are the best way to determine the potency potential of the product

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