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Bud Coast

Bud Coast has over 100 years of cannabis experience, and we acknowledge that this industry has existed for years in the BC underground market. We aren’t trying to reinvent the wheel, we still call cannabis “weed” and genetics “strains”. There’s no posturing here, just good vibes, great weed, and our team sharing phenomenal BC bud with the world. 

Bud Coast joins the growing list of Producers who utilize Joint Venture Craft Cannabis’ Co-Packing Services. 

Some of the products we've helped bring to market:

Salt Spring Love Haze is a delightfully strong Sativa from Bedspring Island. Rumoured to be a cross of Super Lemon Haze and Blueberry Lambsbread this Sativa dominant hybrid is literally dripping with resin. 

Salt Spring Sugar Star is a proprietary indica dominant hydrid grown by Josh Beckett of Magicannabis on Saltspring Island. Rumoured to be a cross of Sugar Cane and Death Bubba, this boasts of an earthy, sweet, gassy flavours.

Hippie Headbanger is a sativa dominant hybrid pheno hunted and grown by Josh Beckett of Magicannabis, on Saltspring Island. This particular pheno boasts of high potency and heavy resin, with flavours of gas, and sweet citrus notes on display.

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